First of all, CBD oil is hemp oil, which is cannabis oil, which is cannabidiol oil, which is NOT Rick Simpson Oil. Confused yet? Don’t be. It’s all rather simple at the end of the day as long as we forget about Rick Simpson Oil and reiterate that CBD oil is hemp oil, which is cannabis oil, which is cannabidiol oil. Many also call it “CBD hemp oil” – which is actually somewhat redundant.

Now that we’ve eliminated the confusion that results from the interchangeable use of CBD oil, hemp oil, cannabis oil, and cannabidiol oil (because they’re all the same for our purposes) – let’s focus on CBD oil. CBD oil is the extract that results from the source, which is the cannabis plant, which produces hemp. CBD is the acronym for cannabidiol, and it’s the way we usually refer to cannabidiol because continually using the word “cannabidiol” throughout our website, blogs, etc. would likely frustrate our visitors whom aren’t biology and chemistry majors. Also, it would probably frustrate us because CBD is much easier to type (and say). 

For the sake of integrity, it’s important to emphasize certain technicalities that arise surrounding the cannabis plant. According to the International Association of Plant Taxonomy, hemp varieties and marijuana varieties of the plant are of the same genus, Cannabis, and the same species, Cannabis Sativa. The distinction comes down to how the plant is grown and how the plant is used.

Without getting too carried away with the science of it all, marijuana varieties are used to ultimately generate a “high” via THC levels that generate a psychoactive effect when consumed. Hemp varieties of the plant only have trace levels of THC. Hemp plants look different than marijuana plants as a result of their tendency to grow taller, and they’re typically bred for industrial uses. Some of the industrial uses of the hemp plant are hemp oil, topical ointments (made from hemp oil) – not to mention the fiber used for clothing, construction, etc.

Industrial hemp is an important term because it’s the reason WeThinkHealth’s “think” products are available to you. Industrial hemp is a legal term signifying it contains less than 0.3% THC, which is less than three-tenths of one percent – aka: virtually non-existent. This distinction is important because only industrial hemp is legal to buy, consume, sell, and ship. For this reason, our “think” products are available to deliver our pure CBD oil, which we believe is the best CBD oil. The benefits of CBD oil are finally available to people across the nation and world, and our “think” products deliver these benefits better than anyone.